Thursday, May 26, 2005

Peacefull moment !


David English
nightingale--in a floating world nook ripened barley

-Issa, 1810
48 years old, live in Edo,On April Dear Kakyou [ female haiku friend in Futtu ]died.
Without knowing of this happening , on May he returned to home village for the negotiation of father's asset. Soon come back to Edo. On June he went to Futtu for visiting Kakyou's grave.

sakuo Japanese
鶯や 浮世の小部屋 熟れし麦
uguisu ya ukiyo no kobeya uresi mugi

Issa Original
鶯やうき世の隅も麦の秋 一茶
uguisu ya ukiyo no sumi mo mugi no aki

Mugi is a generic term that refers to several grains:
wheat, barley, oats, and rye.
Issa uses "floating world" (ukiyo) in the old Buddhist sense:
the world is temporary and imperfect.

sakuo Image
Issa is traveling. He comes to small mountain village.
There is barley field that is very rich.He heared
nightingale singing.
It was peacefull scene.

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