Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Please give me ! half of Asset

spring rain

David English
spring rain--showing a sake cup calling foxes

-Issa, 1810
48 years old, live in Edo,On April Dear Kakyou [ female haiku friend in Futtu ] ,with whom Issa had pleasant kukai meeting on March of last year, died.Without knowing of this happening , on May he returned to home village for the negotiation of father's asset. Soon come back to Edo. On June he went to Futtu for visiting Kakyou's grave.

sakuo Japanese
春雨や 杯見せて きっね呼ぶ
haru same ya sakazuki mise te kitune yobu

Issa Original
harusame ya sakazuki misete kitsune yobu

In Japanese folklore the fox is a powerful spirit. Here, someone has set out an offering of sake and is calling for a "lucky" fox.

sakuo image
This is scene of Inari Shrine (Fox shrine). I suppose that Issa has prayed his Lucky to the Fox God,asking good success on his negotiation of his father's asset.

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