Thursday, May 12, 2005

This world is sever ! Toad !

morning cold

David English
morning cold--the toad too has eyeswide as saucers

-Issa, 1805
43 years old , vivid activity at Edo with Seibi who was rich and famous amateur haikuist at that time.

sakuo Japanese
朝寒や 蛙目をむく 皿のよう
asa samu ya kaeru mewo muku sara no you

Issa Original
asa samu ya hiki mo manako wo sara ni shite

In modern pronunciation, the opening phrase is asazamu; Issa would have pronounced it, asa samu. "Eyes like saucers" (manako wo sara ni shite) is a Japanese expression for eyes opened wide with surprise.

sakuo remark
Toad , a countryman, Mr Issa !
This morning cold.This is Sever World !!

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