Monday, July 17, 2006

Poor General

nabe-zumi wo meguchi ni irete naku kawazu

David’s English
the kettle's soot
in his mouth and eyes...
croaking frog

David’s image
Someone (Issa?) is cleaning soot from a kettle, some of which is getting into the frog's mouth and eyes.

age 42 years, leaving from Katsusika sect, study at Natsume who was his teacher as well as rich sponsor helping Issa’s life.

sakuo’s image
The frog is Issa who was poor and need help of Natsume, at whose house Issa visited everyday for getting meal and money. He did housekeeping works, for example, sweeping soot, repairing screen and everything. He was called as poor general or poor god.

sakuo’s Renku
minna ga warau binbou-taisyou

All laugh at me
Poor General


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Wonderful! There are frogs in my back yard and I'll now imagin this when I see them. :)

sakuo said...

andrew san, I have visited your site that is very impressive and interest.
Your sentence is verey undrestanable for me,for Japanese, non-native speaker of English.

thank you for sharing.