Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sandy san

Sandy san,
I don'nt know how to up load image file to WHC-m.
So I show you my remaking of your Haiga at here.
If it would be helpfull for your imagination, I am very appriciated.



Sandy said...

Instead Sandy san, sakuo post this comment.


Anonymous said...

Sakuo san,

You show the myth of the turtle on the moon quite well when you change my image.

I was working with an American indian mythabout the turtle creating land by bringing up mud from the bottom of the ocean.


Pris said...

This is beautifully done!!

In case you don't find my return message to you on my blog about the videos, this was my reply:

If you google 'YouTube', this site has an amazing number of videos. They're uploaded by individual members and many aren't very interesting. There's a search box up top, though. Once a video is playing, the code for the video, as well as the link, appear in a box to the right of the video. Copy and paste the code and you'll have what I posted here and below.

Thank you for visiting my blog again!

By the way, I'd like to add your blog to my links. I hope that's okay.


sakuo said...

Pris san, thank you for your compliment.
It is okay to link to your blog.

And I will soon google "You Tube"