Wednesday, July 26, 2006

settle a quarrele

1824 Age 62, married with second wife, After 3 months he divorced.

edo-goe ya hanami no hate no kenka kai

David‘s English
Edo voices--
the blossom viewing ends
in a quarrel

David’s comment
In Issa's time the citizens of Edo (present-day Tokyo) were famously loud and argumentative.

sakuo’s Comment and Renku.
fire and quarrel are the symbol of blooming Edo, said Edo proverb.
Edo was one million city as well as military city.
There were full of warriors and their supporter. Percentage of man and female
was 65%-35%. So it was full with activity.

tomeni ikan ka iza sinano kara

let’s go to settle quarrel
from Shinano


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I didn't know that Tokyo was called Edo. Very interesting!

sakuo said...

Edo was more atractve than Tokyo.

Edo was said that,

In morning they spend mony,ten million Yen at the fresh market.

In noon they spend the same mount on looking theather, Kabuki.

In night they spend the same mony in red zoon , Yoshiwara.

Peace for 300 years has brought a great culuture including Issa and Haiku.