Tuesday, July 25, 2006

puffer fish, delicous but poison


doko wo kaze ga fuka to hitori fukuto kana

David’s English
to wherever
the wind may blow it...
a puffer fish

sakuo Comment
Puffer fish tastes very good, but is poison fish.
There were many gourmets who die by eating the fish.

Japanese old proverb said.
fugu ha kuitasi inoti ha oshii

wish to eat puffer fish
but not to die

David’s Comment
Issa spells fukuto ("tetrodon" or "pufferfish") using the Japanese character for awabi ("abalone"). In this haiku, he puns with fuka to ("blows") and fukuto ("pufferfish"). He seems to be referring to a fish that has been caught and now will be sent to who-knows-where. Posted by Picasa


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Now I'm nervous about eating fish! Who knows, they may give me puffer fish! :)

sakuo said...

Try puffer fish that is realy good taste ! try it with Japanese Sake!

Edo proverb said,
wishing to eat puffer fish
but don't like to die by it's poison.