Tuesday, April 07, 2009

devoted child

Issa 一茶 1819


giri no aru ko wo yobaru ka yo yu^ suzume


David’s English

are you calling
for your devoted child?
evening sparrow

. by Issa, 1819


sakuo haiga

[ぎりのある子 giri no aru ko] means step child.

Issa’s mother who was a step mother. She was calling him.

How did it sound? It depends on your sensibility.


bandit said...

I'm not so sure-would he have been 57 years old then?
I tend to remember family ( and two step mothers!)in autumn and winter-many family gatherings and holidays here at those times.
Would the evening sparrow be a sign of spring? Well, yes...a sparrow child!

winter dawn
and then...
a hundred sparrows!

sakuo said...

Thank you bandit san for your visiting here.
I went to your blog that is very sharp image with red back.
And there I find my haiku friends.


Gillena Cox said...

nice juxtaposition; i'm interpreting his mother had a lovely voice

much love

bandit said...

Thank you sakuo san; somehow I knew you would visit.
I like to visit here everyday.
I notice different things each time!

John McDonald said...

nice sakuo san

sakuo said...

Gillena san,
thank you for your comment.
Issa's step mother has been brutal to Issa. So her voice maybe was shiver.


sakuo said...

John san
Thank you so much.