Sunday, April 12, 2009

grassy meadow

Issa 一茶 1825年 aged 63

After he divorced,
he was stricken with paralysis.
He rode on palanquin, visiting his students.

kusabara ya cho^chin yuku ni mushi sudaku

David’s English

grassy meadow--
insects crowd 'round
the paper lantern

sakuo haiga


Gillena Cox said...

there is sadness and hope interwined in this haiga
much love

bandit said...

I really like this composition, Sakuo san.

the formlessness of the border and and simplicity of the hand-
it leaves me with many possible
interpretations. I wonder where they are going?

John McDonald said...

nice one sakuo san

Magyar said...

Very nice, Sakuo San!
_Here, the moon is that paper lantern, or it seems as such, and your art fits these words so well.

night bog
its insects eddy
the moon


sakuo said...

Gillena san,
thank you so much!
arigatou gozaimasu.


sakuo said...

Thank you Bandit san,
They are going to the platform of boat that sail to opposite shore where Issa's
freiendly students are waiting.
The place is just under the moon.


sakuo said...

John san,

Thank you so much for your kind comment that makes me easy!


sakuo said...

Magyar san,
Thank you for your comment and haiku.
They expanded my imagination,especially
your haiku do so much!