Friday, April 17, 2009

secrets come

Masajo 真砂女 1906 age 88

kakusigoto oyako nimo ari asakuramoti

Lee & Emiko’s English

secrets come between
even mothers and daughters—
cherry blossom cakes

Seasonal word: cherry blossom cake ( spring)
Note: Cherry blossom cake is a cake wrapped in a salted cherry leaf; it is
a specialty of the spring season. It is usually pale pink like cherry
blossoms and its cherry leaf flavor is favored by many peoples.

sakuo haiga


Gillena Cox said...

very interesting

much love

Anonymous said...

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Magyar said...

Oooo... seems here, the daughter will be inventing her own cherry blossom cake recipe, her mother guarding the secret formula!

sakuo said...

Gillena san,
Thank you as usal for your comment.


sakuo said...

Magyar san ,
Thank you for your witty comment.
Your situation of daughter and mother is very exciting.