Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Issa's secret pride in this haiku


David English
ashamed--I present myself to Edoa year older

-Issa, 1819
57 years old. wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ]. On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
恥ずかしや 江戸へ来たのは 一年前
hazukasi ya edo he kita noha itinen mae

Issa Original
hazukashi ya makari dete toru edo no toshi

sakuo Impression
I think when he wrote Oragaharu( My Spring ) , his energy peaked at the tope in his life.So he was sure to have self-respect in his haiku creation.
In this haiku he said that he is ashamed to come to Edo and live in there, but he didn't think so. In Edo he have been accepted high evaluation in the field of haiku . I could see his secret pride as haikuist in this haiku .

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