Sunday, March 06, 2005

silent Autumn

mountain temple

David English
mountain temple--from the gables rising mist

-Issa, 1823
61 years old. Kiku has got sick on Feudally and died on May, and third son died on December.

sakuo Japanese
山寺や 切妻よりも 昇る霧
yamadera ya kiri zuma yori mo  noboru kiri

Issa Original
yamadera ya hafu kuchi kara mo kiri no tatsu

sakuo image
It is silent Autumn. It is deep in the mountain. When he saw the mist rising from the gables, Did Issa feel such silence at his final age ?

Issa site

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Bill said...

Very attractive site. Issa is one of my favorites. Artwork captures some of the spirit of his haiku.