Sunday, June 05, 2005

Kiku didn't mind of his haiku

move aside

David English
move aside
cloud and fog!
lotuses are blooming

-Issa, 1814
52 years old, On February the settlement of father's asset has been decided, he got his share. On April he marred with Kiku. On August went to Edo for preparation of retirement.

Sakuo Japanese
雲と霧 どいておくれよ 蓮の咲く
kumo to kiri doite okure yo  hasuno saku

Issa Original
ummu mo sotchi noke to ya hasu no hana

similar type of haiku
chô tori mo sotchi noke to ya hasu [no] hana move aside

sakuo image
As my conclusion, the lotus didn’t mind cloud and fog,( or butterfly and bird)
That is Issa, haiku-poet always pay attention to the weather and the animals.
The lotus is his new wife “ Kiku “ who is gay and active
every day.

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