Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's me sulking !!

one butterfly

David English
one butterfly
apart from the crowd...
are you sulking?

-Issa, 1823
61 years old. On February Kiku has got sick and died on May,
and third son died on December.

sakuo Japanese
蝶一羽 群れより離れ 拗ねてるか
tyou itiwa mure yori hanare suneteru ka

Issa Original
chô hitotsu nakama nukeshite suneru ka yo

sakuo remark
To personalize is Issa’s favorite . He overlapped himself on the butterfly parting from the crowd.
Was he sad a little at that time?

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you have a wonderful blog here that i frequently visit.

keep up the great work!

can i use your images on my blog? i will only source it from your blog and not upload a copy of it for myself, thus implicitly giving you credit.

i'll assume you have no objections until i hear from you, upon which i will promptly take it down.