Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Let's try !

even the nightingale

David English
even the nightingale
has an apprentice...
sitting room

-Issa, 1824
62 years old, married second wife Uki on May, soon divorced on August. lost ability of speaking by paralysis. recovered and moved around on a carriage

sakuo Japanese
うぐいすも 弟子持ちたる 座敷かな
uguisu mo desiwo motitaru zasiki kana

Issa Original
uguisu mo deisho wo mochitaru zashiki kana

David comment
An older nightingale is training a younger "apprentice" (deishi) in the art of singing. In a "sitting room" (zashiki) Issa enjoys the lesson.

sakuo remark
That’s right !

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