Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sad ! sad ! death of daughter

grass by the gate

David English
grass by the gate--
soon as it sprouts
it's plucked

-Issa, 1819
57 years old. wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ]. On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
門の草 萌え出すやすぐ 抜かれたり
kado no kusa moe dasu ya sugu nukare tari

Issa Original
門の草芽出すやいなやむしらるる 一茶
kado no kusa me dasu ya inaya mushiraruru

sakuo remark
Issa felt very sadly. His first daughter has died at the age of one year and 9 months.
Big disappointment and anger !!

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