Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy in day mist ?

day mist 1821

David English
day mist--the census taker reckons itabout seven miles

sakuo Japanese
hiru kiri ya monomi hakari te sanri hodo
昼霧や 物見測りて 三里程

Issa Original
kasumu hi ya shûban [oshi] ni san ri hodo

sakuo imaging
On one day of silent and peacefull Spring Issa walked to a temple for stamping seal that prove himself as Buddhist of Jyoudo-syu.It was like in dream as he was strolling in the day mist.

-Issa, 1821
59 years old. on January his second son died on his mother's back. on April his wife got sick of gout. At Zenkou-ji , the biggest Temple of Jyoudo Buddhist, his haiku board was displayed. His effort has been admitted in the area of north Sinano province.

Issa haiku website

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