Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Go slowly !

tottering in the seaside

David English
tottering in the seaside
rice field...for the crane too
the day is long!

-Issa, 1810
48 years old, live in Edo,
On April Dear Kakyou [ female haiku friend in Futtu ] ,with whom Issa had pleasant kukai meeting on March of last year, died.
Without knowing of this happening, on May he returned to home village for the negotiation of father's asset. Soon come back to Edo.
On June he went to Futtu for visiting Kakyou's grave.

sakuo Japanese
浜の田を よろよろ鶴も 日なが哉

Issa Original
hyoro-hyoro to iso ta no tsuru mo hi naga kana

sakuo remark
It is very easy mood that Issa walks near the shore of Edo.
Where the horizontal line spread ,and birds fly in spring sky.
Issa feel peace in his mind.

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