Sunday, July 03, 2005

I don't like, I don't do !

he hates taking

David English
he hates taking
the shortcut...
withered fields

-Issa, 1803
41 years old, living in Edo, in Honjyo, temple named Katuti-in.
visiting around Bousou, especially frequently visit to Akimoto, his good sponsor in Nagare-yama.
I think he has increased his power as one of haiku-ist.

sakuo Japanese
その人は 近道嫌う 枯野かな
sono hito ha tika miti kirau kare no kana

Issa Original
chikamichi wa kiraina hito ya kareno hara

sakuo remark
Who is he? He is Issa himself who did not choose the seat of Haiku professional of Katusika sect.
He submitted his letter of resignation to the faction in his mind.

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Gone Away said...

Issa had a true haiku spirit. Thank you for making Issa haiga, Sakuo-san. I always like to read your comments and to see your drawings. They drawings make me feel the haiku even more.