Saturday, July 11, 2009

dream illusion

Masajo 真砂女 1998 92


kano koto wa yume maboroshi ka aki no cho^

Lee & Emiko’s English

were they dreams

or were they illusions---

autumn butterfly

Seasonal word: autumn butterfly ( autumn )

Note: “Kanokoto” refers to the nights of love.

sakuo haiga



Gillena Cox said...

your attention to detail in the human figure set against the whimsy of the butterflies work so well in this image and supplementS the haiku by masajo

much love

John McDonald said...

love this sakuo san

BookFool said...

Hello Sakuo,

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Thanks for your time!
-Eileen Fickes

Magyar said...

I like the wizened yet ageless feel in your painting, Sakuo San... . _m

did i see
or did i not
a monarch

sakuo said...

Gillena san,
Thank you for your sure comment.
I am pleased very much.


sakuo said...

John san,
Thank you for encouragement.


sakuo said...

Book fool san

Thank you for your visiting here.
You have big association on haiku contest that is very interest.
I will go to your site.


sakuo said...

Magyar san
thank you for your comment, as well as
haiku of "monarch"
It is same feeling in autumn falling.