Sunday, April 18, 2010

now I watch

Issa 一茶1813 age 51

now I watch
with careful attention...
autumn dusk

ima ni natte nen irite miru aki no kure


translated by Dr. David

Sakuo note; 1813, Age 51

In autumn Issa’s inheritance dispute finally settled, he moves into his family home. It has passed 12 years since his father’s died.

Father’s asset was divided half and half between the brothers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Masajo 鈴木真砂女 1976年70歳

kano koto no moshi mo kaeraba atatakashi

Lee & Emiko’s English

that memory
if it comes to life again…
warmth within me

Seasonal word ( spring)

Sakuo note: Masajo’s first husband was very handsome guy. He always remind
me Dean Martin . He visited her home by motor bike.
After happy marriage with her, he suddenly disappeared leaving her and child. It is said because of big loss of gamble. Masajo’s dramatic life has started from this point.

Masajo haiga

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Issa 一茶1818 age 56

how good
to see a pagoda!
billowing clouds

yoi hodo ni to^ no mie keri kumo no mine


Issa is playing the game of imagining what shapes in the clouds look like. In one of them he perceives the pagoda of a Buddhist temple. translated by David Lanoue