Sunday, July 31, 2005

Grown up healthy

David English
clinging to the kite's string...
the sleeping child

一茶 Issa 1822
tako no ito hikitoramaete neru ko kana

sakuo paint & remark
60 years old,having lost his three children.
On this New Year, his fourth child is in mother's
He prayed , Come and grow up healthy.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

the horse's bucket waiting too!

David English
Winter wind—
on the wall's ledge
the horse's bucket

Issa 1803
kogarashi ya kabe no kiwa naru ume no oke

sakuo remark
One is waiting horse ridding master,
Isn't it cold! Does he visit me tonight?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Nice hot spring !

David English
my umbrella-hat
left on the baby grass...
a hot bath
-Issa 1816

Issa Original
wakakusa ni kasa nage yari te iru yu kana

sakuo remark
It was cold. Oh nice, hot spring !

Thursday, July 28, 2005

How long I lived !

David English
amazing-- in the house I was born
spring begins today years unknown

ふしぎ也生れた家でけふの春   一茶
fushigi nari umareta ie de kyô no haru

The haiku has the prescript, "After fifty years' absence, returning to my native village."

sakuo remark
Issa has leaved home at his 14 years old, so plus 50 years, it become
at 64 years old of Issa'age.
He has died at 65, so this haiku was made at one year before his death.
At this year August he will marry with third wife Yao.
Issa said,
"How long I have been alive”

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

having much money

David English
spring rain--
in the wife's sleeve
coins jingle

Issa Original
春雨や妹が袂に銭の音   一茶
harusame ya imo ga tamoto ni zeni no oto

-Issa, 1820 

sakuo remark
Issa’s wife said
“Darling, bought too much “

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a beggar child walking and flying a kite

Issa Original
kojiki ko ya aruki nagara ikanobori

58 years old, on October second son born. fall over
and was smitten by palsy ,but lightly. wrote haiku literatures

sakuo comment
1816 first son born soon died
1818 may, first daughter born
1819 June she died
1820 Octber scond son born
1821 January he died
When Issa saw vid beggar kid, growing with no care, he
thought his children.
Without deep care other’s child grown up well.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I will go ,wait for a while !

cormrant boat

David English
cormorant boat--
her children cry
in the windowleft behind

Issa original
fune no u ya ko no naku mado wo ato ni shite

David comment
he cormorant's children, left behind, cry for their mother as the boat leaves. Japanese fishermen use cormorants. Tied to a tether, these sea birds dive for fish that they are forced to disgorge.

-Issa, 1813
51 years old, On January the thirteen memorial party of his father's death , the negotiation of father's asset has finished. Many times he visited haiku friend in North Sinano. On June and July he was ill in bed for blotch.

sakuo remark
The farther must go even if his son cried, when it is needed.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Your GranMa bullied me too

swatting a fly

David English
swatting a fly but hitting the Buddha

-Issa, 1808
46 years old, Last year end, he returned to home village for father's asset negotiation. On June he has been in Kashihabara again, attended to Grand mother's 33 th Buddha ceremony.
On November he settled the negotiation with his half brother. On December, he returned to Edo.

sakuo Japanese
蝿叩く しかし叩いた 仏かな
haetataki sikasi tataita hotoke kana

Issa Original
蠅打に敲かれ玉ふ仏哉 一茶
hae uchi ni tatakare tamau hotoke kana.

sakuo remark
This happened at the night of grand mother’s Buddha celemony
There attended Issa, his mother in law, half brothers and others.
They were in the struggle of father’s asset.
His mother in law cried to Issa.
You said I always bullied you, but Your Grandma always was
cruel to me!
And she hit a fly just like hitting Grandma, who has become Buddha

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Every thing is Buddha's mind

come what may

David English
come what may
praise Amida Buddha!
mountain cuckoo

-Issa, 1810
48 years old, live in Edo,
On April Dear Kakyou [ female haiku friend in Futtu ] ,with whom Issa had pleasant kukai meeting on March of last year, died.
Without knowing of this happening , on May he returned to home village for the negotiation of father's asset. Soon come back to Edo.
On June he went to Futtu for visiting Kakyou's grave.

sakuo Japanese
何たって 阿弥陀仏だよ 閑古鳥
nantaltute amidabutu da yo kankodori

Issa Original
何事も なむあみだ仏 閑古鳥
nanigoto mo namu a[mi]da butsu kankodori

David comment
I translate nanigoto as "come what may." In his French translation, L. Mabesoone has the bird singing a sutra "a la moindre occasion" ("with the least provocation" or, more metaphorically, "at the drop of a hat"); Issa to kuhi (Tokyo: Kankohkai 2003) 46. Not exactly a sutra, the nembutsu prayer, "Namu Amida Butsu," renders praise to Amida Buddha. According to Pure Land Buddhism, sentient beings must rely on Amida's saving grace to be reborn in the Western Paradise--a metaphor for enlightenment.

sakuo remark
My Japanese haiku is too cheerful . Issa at this summer was sad at his loved Kakyo's death.
Maybe he was on the way to Futtsu where Kakyou had lived in.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Take care, unhappy attack you !

little snail

David English
little snail
look! look!
at your shadow

-Issa, 1814
52 years old, On February the settlement of father's asset has been decided, he got his share. On April he marred with Kiku. On August went to Edo for preparation of retirement

sakuo Japanese
かたつぶり 見よ 見よ その 影を
katatuburi mi yo mi yo anatano kage wo

Issa Original
katatsuburi mi yo mi yo onoga kagebôshi

sakuo remark
Getting father’s asset, getting marred, it is the happiest time for
Take care for yourself. After you the creepy silhouette is creeping
to you with unhappiness.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thanks Inahri san!

The Grace Map

David English
in the flowering rape
well, well
the great God Inari!

-Issa, 1812
50 years old, lived in Edo, leaving out on November to
his home village for dwelling eternally there.
It needs more two year to get his share of father's asset.

sakuo Japanese
菜の花に よしよし 稲荷 大明神
na no hana ni yosi yosi inari daimyoujin

Issa Original
na no hana ni yare-yare inari daimyôjin

David comment
Rape (or canola) is a bright yellow flowering plant of Asia. Inari is the Shinto god of cereal grains.

sakuo Image
Here is the distribution map of rape flower oil.
In Edo period, people use much seed oil for lighting that made from
seed of rape flower..
The farmer must pay his rice as tax, but rape seed is free from tax.
So farmer is pleased to have good harvest of rape.
Issa’s old sponsor, Ohkawa is an oil dealer and rich enough to help
There were many Inari shrines in Edo period. Inari is the god of farmer
and commerce. Inari was considered as being a fox.

The map told that, the flowering rape will bring farmer extra mony and
oil dealer can get cheap oil seed. People in Edo can enjoy oil lighting.
All together say thanks to Inari the great God.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Come up Gentleman !

with her samisen

David English
with her samisen 
she makes snow fall...
second floor 

-Issa, 1815
53 years old. On last year he has got his father's asset and married with Kiku.
September he went to Edo to publish his poem book. and being to Bosyu for visiting his haiku friends, coming back to his village on December

sakuo Japanese
三味線で 雪を降らせる 二階かな
syamisen de yuki wo fura seru nikai kana

Issa Original
samisen de yuki wo furasuru ni kai kana

David comennt
Yoshiwara was the licensed brothel district near Edo (today's Tokyo).
A geisha is using her samisen, a sort of three-string banjo, to sweep snow from a window ledge, causing a flurry below.

sakuo image.
There falls snow, there are few visitors. Geisya swept snow to invite Issa
to the house.
It isn't scenic as well as pity.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Oh,You, Lucky !

baby sparrow

David English
baby sparrow
inside a person's fist
its first cry

-Issa, 1809
47 years old, living Edo. On April going back to Shinano Province, where he was keeping to get acquaintance of haiku. From 1792 to 1798 he visited to the West part of Japan including Nagasaki where he got much European information.
Time to time Russian ships and British navies have come to Japan, asking to open the business. There were many uprising by the farmers in his Shinano Province.

sakuo Japanese
子燕や 人の手の中 産声を
kotubame ya nigiri kobusi de ubugoe wo

Issa Original
suzume-go ya hito no kobushi ni naki someru

David Comennt
Shinji Ogawa writes, "Since the word 'inside' does not appear in the original, this haiku may be translated in this way also: 'The baby sparrow starts crying at (or against, in despite of) the person's fist.' The word kobushi literally means knuckles...The expression; 'inside a fist' is rather odd."

sakuo's Imagination
Why is the baby sparrow inside a person's fist?
Soon after the sparrow's birth, he has dropped from the nest.
And he was saved by the person who looks like Great Buddha
Rescued sparrow cried at fast in the fist.
Issa though the Grace of Heaven.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oh~ Cold and Fear !

merely the sight

David English
merely the sight
of wolf shit...
how cold it is!

-Issa, 1819
57 years old. wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ]. On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
狼の 糞見ただけで 寒くなる
oukami no kuso mita dake de samuku naru

Issa Original
ôkami wa kuso bakari demo samu[sa] kana

David Comment
Shinji Ogawa paraphrases, "[when it comes to] wolves/ the mere sighting of shit/ chills me to death."
Seeing wolf dung, Issa suddenly feels down to his bones the winter cold--a marvelous expression of physical and psychological feeling.

sakuo remark
It is really cold; He is the father of naturalistic literature.

Friday, July 15, 2005

thinking of Kyoto with Mitizane !!

one branch makes

This version was sent on 050412.
I made here second version

David English
one branch makes
Kyoto's sky...
plum blossoms

-Issa, 1802
40 years old, On last year his father died, the long struggle on father's asset has started. [Father's last day's record] has been

sakuo Japanese
一枝で 都に空を 梅の花
hito eda de miyako ni sora wo ume no hana

Issa Original
kata eda wa miyako no sora yo mume no hana

Mume is ume ("plum tree"). Just one blooming branch against the blue is enough to create a sky befitting the capital.

sakuo remark
The copy original of this haiku is maybe Mitizane Sugahara's
At this time Issa was not in Kyoto where he has been to at his young age.
He visited the Shrine of Mitizane in Edo who made Ume haiku of Kyouto ,
stayingin Kyusyu.
Having this concept, Issa would make this Ume haiku.
I think the place in Edo is Yushima Shrine.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good by ! Come again !

three times round

David English
three times 'round
the little shrine...
departing geese

Issa, 1819
57 years old. wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ]. On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
三廻りす 小さな社 帰る雁

Issa Original
ko yashiro wo san-ben maite kaeru kari

This haiku is mailed to me second time.
At my first try I said as follows,
Sakuo Nakamura notes that the geese seem to be praying for their safe return journey.

sakuo remark
Good by! Come again next year!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Go slowly !

tottering in the seaside

David English
tottering in the seaside
rice field...for the crane too
the day is long!

-Issa, 1810
48 years old, live in Edo,
On April Dear Kakyou [ female haiku friend in Futtu ] ,with whom Issa had pleasant kukai meeting on March of last year, died.
Without knowing of this happening, on May he returned to home village for the negotiation of father's asset. Soon come back to Edo.
On June he went to Futtu for visiting Kakyou's grave.

sakuo Japanese
浜の田を よろよろ鶴も 日なが哉

Issa Original
hyoro-hyoro to iso ta no tsuru mo hi naga kana

sakuo remark
It is very easy mood that Issa walks near the shore of Edo.
Where the horizontal line spread ,and birds fly in spring sky.
Issa feel peace in his mind.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

not the Cat but my Child !

the big cat sleeps

David English
the big cat sleeps
in the same seat...
with the doll

-Issa, 1824
62 years old, married second wife Uki on May, soon divorced on August. lost ability of speaking by paralysis. recovered and moved around on a carriage

sakuo Japanese
大猫も 眠る同席 人形と

Issa Original
ôneko mo dôza shite neru hiina kana

sakuo remark
Why is it big cat ? I think [big cat] is key word of this haiku.
The doll has been bought for the sake of celebrating his children who
had died soon after their birth.
Every spring, the third day of Third Month those dolls were displayed.
The seat in the front of doll that should be sat by his children, is
now occupied by the big cat.
Can you feel Issa's sadness at this doll festival ?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All villagers will dance and dance !

an isolated house

David English
an isolated house
in mountain shade
but a festival dance!

Issa, 1804
42 years old, live in Edo, getting new haiku friends of Natume's group.
And Mr. Nakamura and other haiku friend had come to Edo from Kasihabara, his home village.

sakuo Japanese
一軒屋 山陰なれど 踊り哉

Issa Original
yama kage no ikken-ya sae odori kana

sakuo remark
さえ=sae is key word.
I can see dancing at the front of the house in the mountain.
Small spot stresses the big pleasure of autumn .

Spring doesn't come !

in the thicket

David English
in the thicket
snow melts easily...

-Issa, 1819
57 years old.  wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ].
On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
藪の中 雪解けにけり 煙かな
yabu no naka yuki tokeni keri kemuri kana

Issa Original
薮の雪ちょっととけるもけむり哉 一茶
yabu no yuki chotto tokeru mo kemuri kana

sakuo remark
Spring still does not come. It’s cold today.

Monday, July 04, 2005

It is getting dirty !

through a village of people

David English
through a village of people
the pure water

-Issa, 1822
60 years old, On March the third son born, On August injured by
slipping on the road, wrote the books of haiku.

sakuo Japanese
人里を 通りて 清よき水 でなし
hito zato wo tourite kiyoki mizu denasi

Issa Original
人里出れば清水でなかりけり   一茶
hito-zato e dereba shimizu de nakari keri

sakuo remark
That’s right.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I don't like, I don't do !

he hates taking

David English
he hates taking
the shortcut...
withered fields

-Issa, 1803
41 years old, living in Edo, in Honjyo, temple named Katuti-in.
visiting around Bousou, especially frequently visit to Akimoto, his good sponsor in Nagare-yama.
I think he has increased his power as one of haiku-ist.

sakuo Japanese
その人は 近道嫌う 枯野かな
sono hito ha tika miti kirau kare no kana

Issa Original
chikamichi wa kiraina hito ya kareno hara

sakuo remark
Who is he? He is Issa himself who did not choose the seat of Haiku professional of Katusika sect.
He submitted his letter of resignation to the faction in his mind.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

scent and appetite, drink togather !

plum blossom scent

David English
plum blossom scent--
slurping it in
with the vegetable soup

-Issa, 1808
46 years old, Last year end returned to home village for father's asset negotiation. On June in Kashihabara again, attended to Grand mother's 33 th Buddha ceremony.
On November Having settled the negotiation with his half brother. On December , returned to Edo, his residence has been occupied by others unknown.

sakuo Japanese
梅の香や 汁菜と共に すすりけり

Issa Original
梅が香を すすり込だる菜汁哉
ume ga ka wo susuri kondaru na-zuyu kana

sakuo remark
[ blossom scent] stimulate our mentality.
[soup] is physical satisfaction for food appetite
Drinking togather with body and soul is his genius.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I wish to go to Edo , But !


David English
at the sickle moon...
a frog

-Issa, 1818
56 years old, stay in Sinano. first daughter was born on May.

sakuo Japanese
三日月を 睨み付けたる 蛙哉
mikazukiwo nirami tuke taru kaeru kana