Thursday, February 28, 2008

cicada chirrs

David’s English
a cicada chirrs--
the pinwheel so utterly

semi naku ya tsuku-zuku aka[i] kazaguruma
by Issa, 1819

David's comment
Shinji Ogawa notes that this image of a child's red toy "brings tears to our eyes," since in the summer of that year (1819) the poet's daughter, Sato, died. This haiku was composed during the Fourth Intercalary Month, 1819. Sato died in Sixth Month.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

frost-killed grass

David English
frost-killed grass
"Gimme rice!"
a sparrow sings

shimogare ya kome kurero tote naku suzume
by Issa, 1816

sakuo comment.
This year Natsume, Seibi died.
He had been Issa’s big sponsor as well as good friend of haiku.
I think without Seibi Issa’s life would be changed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

to the wood fire

hota no hi ni senaka muke keri saimyo^ji

David’s English

turning my back
to the wood fire...
Saimyo Temple

Sakuo comment
hota is winter season word which means log.
Special part of wood, that is root dried well.
So the hota is well burn ,making warm the surrounding livings.

Sakuo renku

Yatsuto tukitaru konban no yado

at last arriving at
the inn tonight