Thursday, May 25, 2006

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year unknown

hana saku ya to aru kokage mo kaichou butsu

David's English
cherry blossoms--
under every treea
Buddha on display

His comment
This haiku is a revision of a poem of 1818, in which the blossoms are scattering (hana chiru ya).
Images of Buddha that are normally locked inside the temple are outdoors on display.
"Blossoms" (hana) can denote cherry blossoms in the shorthand of haiku.

sakuo comment
The key word is [kaityou butsu-- a Budha on display} The most famouse [ kaityou butsu] is the one of Zenkou-ji that is very near to Issa's native village.There are many [ kaityou butsu] in Japane that are secret Budha and specially opened to the public once a year.
When it open, there come many people and outlaw gamblers are specially allowed to open the play ground.So Japanese[kaityou] has two meaning. One is to open secret Budha statues

sakuo Renku
hatsuta hatsuta ya bakuti hajimaru

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