Sunday, February 17, 2008

to the wood fire

hota no hi ni senaka muke keri saimyo^ji

David’s English

turning my back
to the wood fire...
Saimyo Temple

Sakuo comment
hota is winter season word which means log.
Special part of wood, that is root dried well.
So the hota is well burn ,making warm the surrounding livings.

Sakuo renku

Yatsuto tukitaru konban no yado

at last arriving at
the inn tonight


Ričardas said...

Great image. I almost felt warmth on my back, so good to finally arrive to a warmth place after a long journey.

Unknown said...

Ricardas san,
Thank you for your commpliment.
I am very pleased to get your prefect understand.
I feel that You,Issa,David and me could togather have same image in our mind.



Wisdom Of Heart said...

lovely post again....I can imagine cold winter and fire that keeps me warm.

Gillena Cox said...

my back against the wall
redness of the moon--
totally eclipsed

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you patricija san for your warm comment.
I visited your site, and find The Little Prince there.
It is fine and understanable tales.
Especially ilastrations are very wonderful. I like them.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gillena san.
I saw Luna eclipse on your page.
It is very shocking.