Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my woman's body

Masajyo 真砂女

nyotai hiyu shiireshi uo no sore yorimo

Lee and Emiko's English

my woman's body
colder than the fish
I keep on hand

Seasonal word:cold ( autumn)

sakuo haiga


shanna said...

cold, seasonal eh!
hopefully her coldness
only last for one season

Unknown said...

Thank you for your wonderful haibun with echoing my work.
The word cold, is heavy sound.


roh mih said...

Hello, sakuo! Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed to your blogsite, particularly your haiku-pictures. Issa is one of my favorite haiku poets.

I posted your blogsite in

Anonymous said...

Cupid's day
a couple savors
candle-lit dinner

Gillena Cox said...

winter's coldness penetrates deeply

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you Roh san for your comment.
Recently I am jointing to Face book that is difficult to work in the site, I couldn't understand how do I behave in the site.
Anyway let's enjoy haiku and haiku pictures.


Unknown said...

Haiku Poems san!
arigatou gozaimasu.
Thanks so much!


Unknown said...

Dear Gillena san,
Your eyes are always so sharp that I am deeply impressed.
Thanks a lot!