Friday, March 20, 2009

moss is bloom

Issa 一茶


koke saku ya jiman wo kiki ni kuru suzume


David’s English

moss is blooming!
sparrows come
to hear me brag

by Issa, 1814


sakuo haiga

Nice garden has nice moss.

Only well cared moss can bloom.

what is [moss is blooming]?


Gillena Cox said...

nice one sakuo san
enjoyed the google images also

much love

Magyar said...

_I never thought of Moss "blooms," but moments ago I saw the photos at Hitsujiama Park... the Moss Phlox. Grand.
_I like your presentation of the sparrows listening to the "bragging!"
Tnx, Sakuo San.

shanna said...

the moss(Pele's hair) that hangs from my trees has tiny green blossoms

Pele's hair
spring brings
tiny blossoms


your picture is humorous like he is watching the grass grow :o)

Unknown said...

Gillena san,
I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed Google images.
I am afraid that the Moss in Japan is not understanable.


Unknown said...

Magyar san, thank you very much.
Your love for Moss comes to me directly.
In some meaning, the Moss is the essence of the gardening of Japan.


Unknown said...

Shanna san,
Thank you! thank you so muuch.
I wish to see Pele's hair of your tree.
Nice haiku is too thankful.