Friday, October 09, 2009

a glass of beer

Masajo 真砂女1961 Age 55


bi-ru kumu dakareru koto no naki hito to

Lee & Emiko’s English

a glass of beer---

I serve it to a man

I will never love

Seasonal word: beer(summer)

sakuo renga


bandit said...

I really like this choice of poem, Sakuo san. Perhaps I am in that sort of melancholy mood?
It says so much about loneliness and longing, and one might imagine the poet's life for oneself.
I think you have done well in capturing the mood in Masajo's facial expression-its in the eyebrows, I think, and the turn of her head.
Ahh! ...but who am I to judge?
Thank you for this rendering.

Magyar said...

__When I was in Yokosuka, I had some Sapporo, served by someone who'd never have loved me!

John McDonald said...

sad one sakuo san

Unknown said...

Bandit san,
thank you for your great words that encouraged me very much.
Your sincere observation makes me pleased.
Eyebrows and head turn are precious.


Unknown said...

Magyar san,
Your sweet dream in Yokosuka revival again.
I am happy to hear it.


Unknown said...

John san,
thank you for your comment.
You are always staying at my side.