Tuesday, December 15, 2009

paper robes

Issa 一茶 translated Dr. David

well suited--
down the slope they go
in paper robes

niaishi ya onnazaka oriru kamiko-dachi


by Issa, 1813

Paper robe (kamiko) is a winter season word: a thin, wind-resistant outer kimono. Onnazaka is a gentle slope.

Note by Greve Gabi 

Kamiko, the paper robes:

Onnazaka, women’s slope:

Sakuo haiga


Gabi Greve said...

Such a beautiful kamiko, she looks quite nice and cosy in it!

Take care of the cold wave coming upon us, Sakuo san !


Unknown said...

Thank you Gabi san,
News report big snow coming western part of Japan.
Take care not to slip on iced road.


Magyar said...

__Such thanks for the links Gabi San, a day without learning is lost.

this easy path
traveles toward the peak
blue snow

Fitting painted scene, Sakuo San!

Unknown said...

Magyar san,
thank you for your nice comment.
I am very happy to have your kind words.