Sunday, April 18, 2010

now I watch

Issa 一茶1813 age 51

now I watch
with careful attention...
autumn dusk

ima ni natte nen irite miru aki no kure


translated by Dr. David

Sakuo note; 1813, Age 51

In autumn Issa’s inheritance dispute finally settled, he moves into his family home. It has passed 12 years since his father’s died.

Father’s asset was divided half and half between the brothers.


John McDonald said...

wonderful stuff since my last visit sakuo san

Magyar said...

__Today, I watch all things that >I do< with very careful and close attention; it seems no matter what >I do<... I always disturb someone elses special interests.

Gillena Cox said...

interesting haiga; bringing the poet Issa to the forefront, emphasises the completion and concentration to his future that is expressed in the haiku

much love

Magyar said...

__True to Issa then... more true to ua all, now. Forever watchful. _m

Unknown said...

Thank you Morgan san for your comment.


Unknown said...

Magyar san,
You told me the truth for all of us that include with Issa, you and me.
Thank you for precious comment.


Unknown said...

Gillena san,
thank you for your conscious observation that make me a wake.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Beautiful. And thank you for the commentary

Unknown said...

Old Blue san,
thank you for your coming here.