Friday, July 02, 2010

horse-shit mountain

chrysanthemum blooming
horse-shit mountain...
one scene

kiku saku ya ma-guso yama mo hito keshiki
by Issa, 1813

Translated by David ,

all are happy color
and gorden color
mina shiawase no kogane-iro nari

Renku by Sakuo

Renku by you in comment page, please!


Devika Jyothi said...

very nice, Sakuo san :)

evening sky
a field of white crysanthemums

i don't know how its like...or if it makes a image from memory just popped :)


Sandy said...

sun bright yellow
slow lazy warmed days
Amaterasu smiles

Ashe said...

yellow butterfly
sipping nectar...
a hungry bird...

Eileen said...

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Gillena Cox said...

planting new flowers--
earthworms wriggle in
the turned soil

much love

Devika Jyothi said...

A Very Happy B'day, Sakuo san...I knew it at Tikkis' blog :)


Unknown said...

Devika san,

thank you for your greeting on my birthday.

Your renku is full of poetic mind.
It's so beautiful.


Unknown said...

Sandy san!!
What's beautiful word ! amaterasu!!
You make me very happy.

Thank you for nice renku.


Unknown said...

Ashe san,

So scenic haiku like Buson!
I like your renk that is full of imagination.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gillena san for your interest renku that is very fit to Issa's original as well as link to my 7&7 short haiku.
I enjoyed.


Unknown said...

Eileen san
Thank you for your post and kind information.