Friday, August 26, 2005

Long,long way to go!

一茶の原句 Issa original
hana no tomo ni mata au made wa ikuharu ya

David's 英訳 English
my blossom comrades
we'll meet again...
how many springs?    Issa  1791

sakuo 連句 renku
青き海山 越えし君待つ
aoki umi yama/ koeshi kimi matu

waiting you come back
over blue sea and mount


-Issa, 1791
29 years old, staying in Edo. He was the spectator of Tr.Somaru. visiting Shimofusa district where he will get many haiku friends.
On April he came back to his home village, it has passed 15 years since
he left from there.

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