Saturday, March 04, 2006

at sea bottom

1792 age 30, on his journy to Western Province.

Issa Original
utakata ya awa no namima no heike-gani

David’s English
sea foam--
in the fleeting wave
a Heike crab

David's Comment
Crabs with special markings resembling faces of samurai are thought to be reincarnated heroes who died in a famous battle, recounted in the medievalTale of the Heike.

sakuo's Comment
Heike's enemy is Genji. [ awa no] is translated as [sea foam]
I think [awa no] means [Awa no Kuni, 阿波の国]at the same time.

sakuo Renku
umi no soko nite genji wo niramu

at the bottom of seastares at enemy Genji

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eric l houck jr said...

awesome. as always, i enjoyed the illustration, verse and information.