Thursday, January 25, 2007

friend of Village

David’s English
I sit too
at the rice planters'
dinner tray

soregashi mo taue no zen ni suwari keri

by Issa, 1818
Issa became 56 years old.
It is his luckiest time in his life. He married, on June daughter born,
Of course he has owned rice field and he has many haiku friend around.

Staying in Edo, his long absence and work as poet made him solitary
from villager who form solid community for rice cultivation.

Rice planting is key work to support the village community.
So without jointing real work of rice planting he was invited to the dinner.
It was great pleasure for him, and he could get real feeling to
be a company of native village.

sakuo renku
youyaku nareta mura no nakama ni

change at last
friend of Village

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