Saturday, April 07, 2007

prefer peach to plum on the face

David’s English
on the homecoming servant's
face too...
peach blossoms

yabuiri no kao ni mo tsuke yo momo no hana

by Issa 1808, Age 44 years old,
David sensei said that In an earlier version of this haiku, dated 1808, Issa ends with ume no hana ("plum blossoms").

I wish , if possible, to ask Issa “why did you change plum blossom to peach blossom?

Issa often visit Nagareyama where he had a great sponsor who reserved a room for Issa with room maid named Oume , Plum blossom.
Book writer, Akira Itoho often said Oume was Issa’s lover.

Issa would like prefer peach to plum on servant’s face.

sakuo renku
ume yori momo ga kozouni niau

for the cheek of boys
better peach than plum


John McDonald said...

I like this very much

Unknown said...

Thank you John san for your compliment.