Sunday, April 15, 2007

Priest Daushin, Issa

1823, Age 61
On Fifth Month, his wife, Kiku, dies. His third son was at 14 months
He was took care by not Issa’s home but other’s home.
How Issa was in anxiety about him.
[winter rain]that is Kigo falls in early winter.

Who is priest Daushin?
Daushin-bou means priest who became Budha’s student on his half way of whole life.
I think Daushin-bou is Issa himself, because till the time he lost three children and wife. For the sake of praying for the souls of the dead, he made temple named Haikai-Ji
Where was he going?
He was going in a hurry to his son who was under care of the other’s.

sakuo renku.
tabi no fuzai wo yuruse wagako yo

forgive me my son
my absent of travel

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