Friday, April 18, 2008

honorable ally

the yellow rose's
honorable ally...
a frog

yamabuki no o-mikata mo^[su] kawazu kana
by Issa, 1812

Sakuo’s comment
First line
[山吹 yamabuki ] has two means.
They are plant, a Japanese rose.
and color, bright golden yellow that means 小判 a koban;
a former Japanese oval gold coin.
If you prefer yellow rose, it has double season word.

Sakuo’s English
Koban the gold coin
honorable ally...
a frog

Sakuo renku and renga
旅の餞別 小判三両
tabi no senbetu koban san ryou

as a present of travel
three gold coin

David’s English


Anonymous said...

the green lillypad
floating in the pond,
a monk passing.

Wisdom Of Heart said...

as always...I like it a lot...very good post, sakuo

Unknown said...

Thank you Paul san for your fine haiku.


Unknown said...

Thank you Patricija san for your kind comment.