Monday, June 16, 2008

I will be back on August.

Yesterday the gardener took care of my garden trees.
He cut and treats leaves for coming summer.

Tomorrow I am going to the hospital and am received surgery operation
held on 23 June.
It is 99% safety operation, but need the time for recovering.
My blog close today and will be open on the mid of August.

My haiku and haiga.

術受けし 木緑にならん 八月に
jyutu ukesi ki midori ni naran hatigatuni

operated tree
will be green again
on August.


Vic Gendrano said...

Hoping for your speedy recovery. And thank you for visiting my blog site and for your kind comments.

Vic Gendrano

in August
the trimmed tree
will regain its beauty

John McDonald said...

best wishes sakuo san

Anonymous said...

heal quickly Sakuo,
be well, be happy,
and come back soon

best wishes, Ashe

Pris said...

Sakuo san
I'll miss you. Very best wishes with your surgery and recovery!


doris said...

old tree
after the pruning
new growth

best wishes for a speedy recovery, Doris

Ivy said...

Sakuo, I hope the operation goes well and that your recovery is swift.

Best wishes,
(an everyday Issa fan)

Gabi Greve said...

Please take good care, Sakuo san,
we will be missing you!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your tree a speedy and full recovery from St Louis, Missouri.

Gillena Cox said...

Dear friend
success in your operation and get well soon

much love

Isabelle said...

Dear Sakuo san,

We are missing your wise words, your beautiful haiga and your kindness here.

Wishing you a good recovery and hoping that you will be well again soon.

Look after yourself!

Ričardas said...

Get well soon! My best regards.

Unknown said...

To all,
On 7/july I have returned home.
The surgery has finished with great sucesse.

Thank you for your encouragement and kindness.
I have never forget your warm words.