Sunday, January 11, 2009

in autumn wind

Issa 一茶



aki kaze ni anata makase no ko cho^ kana


David’s English

in autumn wind
trusting in the Buddha...
little butterfly

. by Issa, 1805

Robin D. Gill assisted with this translation. Literally, the little butterfly "trusts in the Beyond," but in Issa's Pure Land sect this means trusting in the saving power of Amida Buddha to make possible its happy reincarnation, in the next life, in the Pure Land or Western Paradise. The cold autumn wind signifies the fact that death is near for the tiny, fragile creature. But instead of struggling against this inevitability, Issa suggests that the butterfly is surrendering to death, trusting death, and at the same time trusting in the Buddha. This is one of his most memorable images of religious surrender to Amida's "Other Power."


sakuo haiga

trust 70 % but uneasy 30%

How about you?


Gillena Cox said...

this is a very stirring work; i love both the spirituality of the haiku as well as the image rendition of the haiga

much love

josh said...

The harder the wind blows, the more I trust.

I love your painting for this one, Sakuo san. Could I have permission to post it to my blog?

Aloha nui,


Unknown said...

Than you Gillena san for your deep comment.
You are very kind to help me much.


Unknown said...

Yes Josh san,
Please post my work to your blog.
Thank you for sharing.


Magyar said...

_In my trusting... do I surrender, or do I join death when it calls?
_Sakuo, as in this haiga, your art is exceptional! _m

Unknown said...

Thank you Magyar san for your deep words.
"Trust" is the most important for world peace!