Saturday, March 13, 2010


Masajo 真砂女 1969 age 63


sabishi sa no yuki suku’u toki kiwamaru ka

Lee & Emiko’s English


as I scoop the snow

it overcomes me

Seasonal word: snow(winter)

sakuo haiga


Magyar said...

drawn in
a captive to this trance
drip by drop

Lovely painting, Sakuo San. The question -what?- is evident in this face. _m

Unknown said...

Magyar san, thank you for your haiku and comment.
I think she is looking the snow that is melting in her palm. It remind her solitude and uncertainty in life.


Magyar said...

Yes, and she is wondering if she is like that snow... "What? Drip by drop?"

Unknown said...

Drip by drop is what you said in your haiku at top of the comment.
I think it means the water drip falls drop by drop.
I am not sure, sorry.


Magyar said...

My apologies, my definitions_! To explain my thoughts:

I think a -drip- is formed, but has yet to fall.

I think a -drip- when it falls, becomes a -drop-.

She... is entranced by watching the drips become drops; she, feeling alone as she watches the the snow... following life's process.

Unknown said...

Thank you Magyar san for your charming explanation.
It is very poetic sentence.