Tuesday, March 16, 2010

singing plover

Issa 一茶 1815  Age 53


kebutaku mo io wo hanare na naku chidori

David’s English

though it's smoky
don't leave my hut!
singing plover


Kebutai or kebutashi is an old word meaning to suffocate on smoke; Kogo dai jiten (Shogakukan 1983) 570.

Sakuo note;

Who is a plover? At the time Issa’s new bride was in the hut.

She was crying her solitude, because Issa was stay at Edo from September to December 21. The plover was Issa’s new bride.

What does it mean smoky? Issa’s step mother’s family lived at the next of Issa’s house. Issa and the family had struggled for long years on father’s assets.

Both families felt smoky each others.

At Edo city Issa was thinking his young bride who was solitary at the home.

Sakuo’s haiga


Ashe said...

hi sakuo. A plover is a bird. I found this which may help?

Gillena Cox said...

your notes lend so much to our appreciation of Issa

much love

John McDonald said...

love those singing birds

Unknown said...

Ashe san,thank you so much.

This Gabi's Kigo data base well explain about the plover that appeared in Issa's haiku.
I painted two small plovers in my haiga at the center of the picture.


Unknown said...

Gillena san,

I am glade that my note helped your understanding.
Thanks a lot.


Unknown said...

John san,
Yes they are tiny birds.
Thank you for sharing.