Monday, October 10, 2005

My trip to Issa's home area

The purpose of my trip to Issa’s home area is to get basic image
for haiga making featured on my Blogs .

It was done on 11th to 14th October.

Issa was born in kashiha-bara, northern district of Nagano Prefecture.
Now it takes 3 hours by train from Tokyo.
In Issa’s time, a week by foot from Edo (Tokyo called 130 years before)

Issa’s characteristic of teaching Haiku.
(1) His active area was limited to along big river.
In Edo, Tone river and Edo river.
In Nagano, Chikuma river.
(2) Main active area size
50×50 kilo meter square.
(3) Core sponsor and grouping students.
There were rich sponsors helping Issa who stayed in
and received money from them.
Many students gathered at the sponsor’s house and
enjoyed making haiku with Issa.
(4) Issa’s documents and memorial goods are gathered at the special
sponsors whose descendants have made galleries where
I visited at this time trip.

My reports are described by sponsor’s name with visited date and place.
(1) Mr. Yumoto hot spring owner , on 11th October ,at Yudanaka
(2) Mr. Fukuro-Ya medical doctor and merchant, on 12th Oct, at Nakano
(3) Mr. Kubota big land owner, on 12th Oct, at Takayama
(4) Naganuma- group 10 powerful citizen, on 13th at Naganuma
(5) Issa’s house and Memorial gallery, on 14th Oct, at Kashihabara.

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