Monday, October 02, 2006

pale silhouette of plum blossoms

ume no tsuki hana no omote wa gesui nari

David’s Engalish
plum moon--
facing the blossoms
sewer water

1803, age 41, lived in Edo near Sumida river.

sakuo Renku
kyatsuka no tuki ya ume no usu kage

foot light of the moon
pale silhouette of plum blossoms
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Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Unknown said...

natalia san, thank you a lot.
It should be painted as the metod of Smi-e.
But brush work is very difficult for me.
Some gaijins are excellent at the brush . They are Kamome san and Origa san.


Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Sakuo san

I like the ambiance of this picture. I think it expresses the essence of this poem. I know the work of Origa san and enjoy it. Recently I have received her
sumi-e painting "the irises" by mail because I won it as a prize in her Calico Cat Haiku contest.
I've bought several books on
sumi-e, several brushes, suzuri, ink stick, and rice paper. I am still learning bamboo brush stroke. It is hard. But I hope to improve with time.