Friday, March 23, 2007

the poet spot

David’s English
the nightingale from the mountain, too
a third-class guest

yamazaki ya yama uguisu mo gege no kyaku

by Issa, 1814
Age 52, on April married.

Sakuo renku
Yamazaki is the name of place where is near Kyoto, the Capital in Issa’s time. The place has been important for transportation as well as beautiful sight.
So it has been written in many poems by famous poets who were Otoba-jyoukou, Fujihara-Teika and Arihara-Narihira.

Mountain nightingale is Issa himself.

上皇定家 業平も居り
Jyokou Teika Narihira mo ori

Jyokou Teika
and Narihira are there

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