Sunday, November 18, 2007

millet cake

一茶 1818
hie mochi ni ankina haru ga kitari keri

David’s translation
with cold rice cake
a peaceful spring
rolls in

sakuo’s translation
[ankina] has double meaning. One is peaceful. Another is an [ anko, 餡子、bean-paste] and kina [kinako,黄な粉,soybean flour]
[hie] is not cold but barn millet. It means Issa’s poor life.

with millet cake
sweet spring
has come

Issa 1818, Age 56
Fifth Month, 4th day, a daughter, Sato, is born.

sakuo renku
anko ya kinako hara ni kodakara

bean-paste and soybean flour
in stmoch treasure baby

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