Sunday, December 30, 2007

Edo voices

edo-goe ya hanami no hate no kenka kai

David’s English
Edo voices--
the blossom viewing ends
in a quarrel

by Issa, 1824

In Issa's time the citizens of Edo (present-day Tokyo) were famously loud and argumentative.

sakuo comment
Fire and quarrel were a special bloom in Edo city.
There were many single warriors, males servants and young craftsmen in Edo city.
The man and woman ratio of Edo was known as 7 ; 3.
Broken speech and quarrel on the liquor were daily happening.
Edo might be Western town in Hollywood cinema.

sakuo renku
boruto no kazu ni sorowanu natsuto

excess number of bolt
not match to less nut


John McDonald said...

love this one

Tikkis said...

I hope, Sakyo-san, that your bolts and nuts will live in Peace becoming Year 2008!

Ričardas said...

I'm speechless again. How do you manage to present just anything so nice.
Akemashite omedetoo gozaimasu!

Unknown said...

john san, thank you for your comment.


Unknown said...

tikkissan thank you for your kind advis.
I will tite my bolt and nut for getting over the New Year.