Monday, December 31, 2007


Dr. David translate and comment

these days scarecrows
are the gatekeepers

kamakura ya ima wa kagashi no yashiki mori


by Issa, 1792

This is Issa's earliest haiku that we have on the subject of scarecrows. The "gatekeepers" (yashiki mori) might also be translated, "keepers of the mansions." Kamakura is one of Japan's ancient capitals, on Sagami Bay southwest of Tokyo.

sakuo comment.
1792 Issa was 30 years old.
Third Month, 25th day, Issa start on a journey to Shikoku Island.
In a few days, he reached at Kamakura and saw the old mansion of Minamoto Yotitomo,
who is the first Syogun and the founder of Government by warrior.

sakuo haiga


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I didn't know that scarecrows were used around there. learn every day. :)
Nice work.

Gabi Greve said...

Hi Sakuo san,
I lived in Kamakura for many years ...

Kamakura, a haiku town


Unknown said...

Andrew san, thank you for kind comment.
I think Issa would see scarecrow at the ruine of Great Load's mansion.
Probably there was rice field in the period of Edo era.


Unknown said...

Gabi san thank you very much.
I visited Kamakura by your URL.
And I found wonderfull haiku written by Shiki that are great!!