Wednesday, September 17, 2008

old book store and Apple

Ginza is the main amusement area in Tokyo,
gathering famous food shop, fashion, stationary, accessory and so on.
They are traditional stores form Edo era to modern times.

For ten years, curious omen has been seen.

Many foreign firms have opened their shops in Ginza.
Now all Ginza are covered with foreigners, especially famous Brand shops.
Yesterday I watched the picture scene.

And sakuo Haiku.

教文館 Kyoubunkan is famous and traditional book store, especial concerned on
Christian books. It has located in the center of Ginza.
教文館 リンゴ実りて 木の葉枯れ
kyobunkan ringo minori te konoha kare

old book store---
Apple gets fruits
and a leaf wither


Gillena Cox said...

nice haiku and nice photo, i recognize the apple computers sign, my first computer was an apple - an i mac

much love

Unknown said...

Oh yours is i mac.
September 24, I and my wife visited the Apple store again to play iphone,the cell phone of Apple.
We enjoyed it very much. It is very attractive machine!!