Saturday, September 13, 2008

poor but pure

wiscapis san gave me good hit.
I said the peanut is steamed in my recipe, but it is fault,
Peanut should be boiled.

Poor but pure story!

The peanuts have come from my neice who lives near at Mount Fuji.
I have grown up at the side of Fuji river.
There are wide and fat sand field in the river.
We could enjoy the harvest that almost are sold.

There remain a lot of off grade, small, un-mature peanuts.
We, poor but pure peasant, wash them and boil.
Because of being too raw, too green, it is better boiling than steaming them.
We enjoyed them very much.

Do you have same story?

sakuo’ haiku

seihin no
yude ratsukasei
yo ni ideru

poor but pure

boild peanuts

world admit it


Wisdom Of Heart said...

Sakuo, I've got an award for you, so you can pick it up on my blog :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Patricija san for your giving me award that I recieved at your site.
It is my pleasure to participate to your party.


Tikkis said...

Two Kirin Beer cans --
remembering my visit in Okinawa (Kinwan) more than twenty years ago!

Unknown said...

Oh! tikkis san, thank you for your comment.
Kirin brewery company will be pleased very much.
My dearest friend has belonged to the company.