Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sheer summer Kimono

Masajyo 真砂女


usumono ya hito kanasimasu koi wo shite

Lee & Emiko’s English

sheer summer kimono
it pushes them into misery
this love of mine

Seasonal word: sheer summer kimono ( summer )
Note: When Masajyo was 31 years old, she fell in love with one of hotel’s quests, Air Force Lieutenant Y.M.(1913-1977), then 24 years old.
In those days infidelity was a crime in Japan. Masajyo thought of herself
as a sinner and felt sorry for her parents, her husband, her lover, and
for herself. This is among the most popular of her love haiku.

sakuo haiga


shanna said...

wow love the colors...and the ladys face is realy striking as well goods job sakuo san

Unknown said...

Thank you Shanna san.
She is a very passionat Madam as like volcano in Hawaii.